Steve Martin Hears You

Social Tips from a Non-Millennial

Yesterday Steve Martin took to Twitter with the launch of Advanced Hearing System, a product of sleek, elementary design & name— in what has to be the quickest development-to-launch time ever, probably. 

In less than an hour, he'd gone from prototype to market, receiving immediate buzz on social, plus traffic to his online store. But the real standout, his ability to engage his following with the product. Entrepreneurs, take note.


1) Be Transparent

Share your process and raw ideas. Your following will feel immersed in your brand, as well as heard and respected.  Pre-market development can also be a great way to get your audience excited about the product.

2) Listen to Your Followers

This may sound simple, but conversation goes a long way. Listen and engage actively, you'll be surprised at the insights you'll gain about your target demographic. 

3) Be Human

Authenticity keeps your brand approachable. Go behind-the-scenes, share less-than-perfect content and have fun with it.

4) Engage with other brands

Effective brand alignment is a great way to reach new audiences and elevate your brand's image.

Key takeaways from thrice Five-Timer's-Club member: engage with your audience—yeah, we said it a few times, it's that important. Be authentic, tell your brand's story, and listen to what your following has to say.

By the way, this sleek set can be yours for only $30, purchase here: