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How to be Socially Acceptable in the Modern Social World

Jordon Kaplan | Content Creator

‘Socially acceptable’ takes on a brand spankin’ new meaning in the modern era and we’re redefining it as it relates to social media. So how do you know what is appropriate to share on different platforms? And even more importantly, if you’re in the business world, what types of social media work well for your company and what is the best way to execute? 

Let’s hit the highlights...


Here’s to the Grandfather of Social Media, a real pioneer that swallowed Myspace whole, Tom too. Now we can’t lie– Facebook might be on the wane, with most millennials either backing off the site entirely or not sharing much. Although Mark is workin’ really hard to try and keep Facebook ahead of it’s time, it’s lagging a bit– stop trying to make FB stories a thing. However, right now, it certainly still serves a purpose or two.  

For you:

That being said, your grandmother really does want to know how you’re doing (you don’t call enough!) And guess what... She’s on Facebook, so although you might not be sharing much of anything these days, this is the perfect platform to post about job updates, plans to move or any exciting family news. We do advise against sharing pictures of your engagement ring, ricki tiki tacky.   

For your business:

Facebook certainly has a place, and the fact that most people are scrolling rather than posting is beneficial to a business for advertising purposes (to a well-selected audience, of course). Facebook’s Ad Targeting is a brilliant tool that not only lets you create your own ad but allows you to carefully choose who, outside of your current following, the best audience for your particular post might be. So while the masses are scrolling through their feed (pulled from their past likes and location) FB will manifest your ad, based on your specifications.


Now, let’s talk about Facebook’s mortal enemy: Snapchat, where the content doesn’t stay and there might be body parts involved (we don’t know what you’re into.) Our Creative Director has referred to Snapchat as “the Bourbon Street of social media” and he’s right because anything goes…

For you:

If sometimes you wake up with a sense of dread and think, “Oh I shouldn’t have posted that on Instagram/Facebook,” then Snapchat is the place for you! Because usually that feeling is accompanied by maybe one too many beers the night before, and that’s okay sometimes. However, your parents/boss probably don’t need to see how much you might have indulged, in case you show up late to that meeting or brunch with the fam. Since Snapchat is the most secretive of all of the media and the most un-user-friendly, the non-millennials are either not on it or don’t know how to navigate it well and you certainly wouldn’t add them even if they were on it–because you know that’s weird. So go ahead and send that “Build Me up Buttercup” karaoke video to a well-curated audience on your friend list, because they probably just sent you something similar.

For your business:

We know what you’re thinking, Snapchat has no business with business– but it’s not so, it has a great little niche in the professional world that will help you connect to your audience in a way that feels a bit more intimate/exclusive. No matter what your business actually is, a ‘day in the life’ video is a fun way to connect with your audience. Let one of your employees take over your Snapchat for the morning and show your clients what’s behind the machine, it’s an endearing approach and is a blast to do and to watch.


This is a place to put your best foot forward— display your coolest shots and show off your sublime not-in-app editing skills. (Pro tip: In order to display maximum awesomeness to impress your Insta following, don’t bother with editing your photos with any of the Instagram tools, use another app to edit like VSCO or Snapseed.)

For you:

As stated above, this is where you need to be the choosiest about the content you want to share. Although Insta Stories have helped to relax what is shared a little bit, the quality of an Instagram story vs. a Snapchat story is still very far apart, Insta is the class, while Snap is all sass. Picture this is as your showpiece for social media, and it will garner well-deserved likes from your followers. Your parents probably aren’t on instagram yet, but your boss and possible networking connections probably are, so you’ll wanna keep it ~cool~ but thought out.

 For your business:

Instagram is a very valuable tool for businesses, but it’s not for every kind. Ask yourself what you would post on Instagram if you were using it for your company; would there be enough material to vary your content enough to keep your followers engaged? It’s important not just to see your feed as just one post after another, but to visualize what your grid should look like overall, does everything look modern and cohesive? If so, get to the gram.

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