Hit the Road, Jack

With college graduation only five months away, I am often asked the same question: What are you going to do after you graduate? These nine words are terrifying because like most college graduating Millennials, I have no idea.

Not only that, but a Pew Research report informs that in 2013, Millennials age 25­32 faced a higher unemployment rate than the generations prior.

So what are Millennials doing? Hitting the road, Jack.

The Boston Consulting Group reports that Millennials are more interested than older generations in traveling by a significant margin. That makes sense, considering the scary statistics about the job market and Millennial discontent with future retirement benefits. Not only that, but travel gives time for personal growth that you can’t quite achieve writing your last research paper or perfecting your resume.

Travel is no longer a time only for luxury hotels and sunburns. It is not a way to avoid getting a job or act like a gypsy as some of my elders hint when I discuss post­graduation travel. Many Millennials use travel to learn another language or study cultures they are interested in. This can create career opportunities abroad or give a competitive edge to those returning to the intern-eat-­intern job market.

Travel businesses like Marriott Hotels and Resorts are paying attention to this trend and implementing Millennial-­focused campaigns. It is predicted that Millennials will be the leading customer group of the travel industry in the next 5 ­- 10 years, and we will probably stay at the hotel with the best free Wi­Fi.