Adjective & Co: Top 10 Best Places to Work in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville has a lot of premier companies. They come in many sizes, at many revenue levels, in many industries.

But only a few are the Best Places To Work.

For more than a decade, the Jacksonville Business Journal has helped identify the companies that have the more interesting workplaces, the best culture, the happiest employees. Working with our partner, national research firm Quantum Workplace, we’ve poked and prodded, surveyed and measured and — in the end — come down to the companies that truly stand out.

Company Name:
Adjective & Co.


Adjective & Co. Best Places to Work in Jacksonville, 2015


Extra small, 10-24 employees




How do you describe your company culture?
Since people = culture, we asked all employees to describe themselves in one word. Here are the 15 words: unflappable, mind-bending, sensual, methodological, peachy, robotic, tenacious, snarky, enigmatic, resourceful, ardent, determined, sober.

What’s been your best team-building exercise?
The entire team was unexpectedly abducted early one morning in an unmarked van by the principals of Adjective, taken to St. Augustine, given $2,000 in singles and told to make it a memorable day. We ended up on a pirate ship in the middle of the St. John’s River.

What makes your employees excited about working there?
Everyday, they walk into a very unique, creative space full of fun people who are diversely skilled, yet equally as passionate about what they do. Each of them have complete ownership of their projects, schedules, and have the ultimate freedom to work how they want, when they want, and where they want. But at the end of the day, they all want to be together, collaborating as a team. We even have some people who get ask if they have to take the day off we expect the best they have, everyday. There’s something about a perfect balance of creativity, freedom and responsibility that seems to fuel the best parts of themselves.

What suggestions do you have for other companies?
Put your people first, even if it means putting yourself or “the bottom line” second. And take your work seriously, not yourself.

How does your company promote the health and wellness of employees?
Free memberships to Timed Exercise, surf board storage, 200 yards from the Atlantic Ocean. Unlimited vacation policy. Each employee gets a Gold Card with a monthly personal budget to buy anything that makes them happier or better at their job. (they use it for anything from daily lunches to noise cancelling headphones.) And of course, in order to protect everyone’s mental health and wellness, we have a strict “no timesheets” policy.

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