Watts Juicery: New business looks to ‘juice’ its sales

New juice bar in Jax Beach targets the healthy living crowd

Jacksonville Business Journal
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A new business opening in Jacksonville Beach later this month will cater to health enthusiasts, as well as those who want to find out what the whole “cold-pressed juicing” buzz is all about.

Watts Juicery, which opens Sept. 26, is a new venture being launched by Jacksonville resident Annie Tuttle along with partners Taylor Harkey and Autumn Berrang, who own and run Adjective & Co., a millennial-focused advertising agency in Jacksonville Beach.


The juice bar will serve a menu of different fresh fruit and vegetable juices that are processed through what’s known as a “cold press,” a method that is supposed to extract more of pulp and thus more vitamins and nutrients than either traditional centrifugal juicers or pasteurized and bottled varieties.

Watts is Tuttle’s first foray into business, but the mother of four she wanted to bring the option to Jacksonville “because it is one of the few large markets that doesn’t have a cold-press juice bar.”

Targeting the outdoorsy, health-conscious consumers who live out at the Beaches, the shop will feature “grab-and-go” options, from dense, deep green “high wattage” (hence, the name Watts Juicery) juices to lighter fruit-flavored “low wattage” varieties, as well as almond and cashew milks and a kid’s menu.

The shop’s interiors feature a clean white streamlined look contrasted with pops of bright green, emphasizing what Harkey called “Watts’ electric feeling — we really translated that into the whole brand and design.”


Harkey and Berrang signed on as equity partners in the venture after hearing Tuttle’s idea because they felt strongly about the need for this kind of a juice bar in a busy metro like Jacksonville, offering a more nutritious alternative to other energy-source drinks such as coffee and soda. The partners are, of course, handling all the branding and marketing for Watts.

Berrang said she sees the shop’s target market as “health-conscious consumers who want to start their day out right and keep it going — oh, and also moms of picky eaters, who want an easy way to get some fruits and veggies into their kids.”

Watts Juicery, which will be located in the Seawalk Village complex in Jax Beach, is set to begin delivery service of bottled juices later in the year to select ZIP codes in Jacksonville.

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