Lying Your App Off

Apps. Everyone loves them. Everyone uses them. But you would be surprised at how often we lie to them.

For me, it all began with My Fitness Pal, an app designed to help you achieve your weight loss or weight gain (for the crazy people out there) goals by calculating your daily personal calorie intake. You input your meals, drinks and exercise throughout the day, and, hopefully, stay within the allocated limit that the app determines for you.

It was all going as planned, for about a week, then the lies began. They started out small. Nothing I felt too bad about. Maybe I just input two glasses of wine last night instead three. I mean, what’s a 100-­calorie lie if it keeps me from going over my daily limit? Or maybe I round up that yoga class by an extra 10 minutes so that I can have 50 more calories at lunch. But by week six, I just couldn’t help myself. Everything was a lie.

Amid my turmoil, I wondered how many other people also lie to their apps. Thankfully, I discovered I’m not alone. People live completely normal, happy lives meeting their unrealistic app goals through lies. And that’s OK, because at least there’s Photoshop. Whew.