How does a Jax Beach advertising agency sell to millennials? It’s all about the adjectives.

At 33 and 34, Autumn Berrang and Taylor Harkey are the oldest people in the office at Adjective & Co. — on the oldest fringe of the Millennial generation, which the advertising agency focuses on.

That allows the Adjective & Co. principals to “bridge two generations,” Berrang said, and create content that appeals to millennials but isn’t a turnoff for older generations.

“We just find that the millennial target audience is where the keys lie to the funnel of generations,” Berrang said.

Berrang and Harkey joined Adjective & Co. about four months ago, when it was Void Creative. At the time, the agency was under the same management as Void Magazine: There wasn’t a clearly defined boundary between the two entities, which are both owned by Void Media.

“We wanted to convey to our clients that the agency side was a large focus,” Berrang said.

Since coming on board, Berrang and Harkey have increased the staff from three to eight full-time employees.

So, what does Adjective & Co. do that speaks specifically to millennials? It uses, well, adjectives.

“Millennials don’t want to be sold things — they want to be sold an experience,” Berrang said. “And adjectives are way to describe those experiences.”

The Players Championship engaged Adjective & Co. to do just that: Sell millennials on the tournament experience, said Matt Rapp, executive director.

“You can’t advertise to [millennials] in a traditional sense — they don’t like a hard sell,” Rapp said. “You have to market the experience and be entertaining so they’re looking at it and not just rejecting it out of hand because it’s a pure sales pitch.”

For this year’s tournament, Adjective & Co. have created a VIP area at the tournament called the Blue Room, which will feature food from local restaurants and different branding for each day to “create a different experience for each day,” Berrang said.

Rapp said his experience with Adjective & Co. has been “fantastic.”

“They understand what makes millennials tick very, very well,” Rapp said. “It’s a three-legged stool. It’s understanding the millennial mind almost implicitly, having the creative that can reach them and being extremely professional.”

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