Hueman is a medical staffing and job placement company that recruits, hires and manages quality individuals for quality positions. Hueman isn’t the typical recruiting partner who views hiring as an administrative function or a headcount. Their approach is very different, and it centers around people. That's exactly why Adjective & Co. named the company, "Hueman," and developed a brand identity that was as unique and colorful as each employee. Hueman looks beyond the metrics, and recognizes the person—the individual. They look for heart, creativity, passion and character— when they see it, they hire it.


CONNECT the right people with the right employer to do the right job at the right time in the right place. (And have fun doing it.)


PEO·PLE–CEN·TRIC —  Purposefully making people more important than all else.


We had the privilege of partnering with Adjective & Co to brand our new business. Their creativity is supreme, and we get the most incredible responses to our new brand. They were able to push us beyond our comfort zone while still adhering to what mattered most to us.  Thanks for making us look great!
— Sarah Palmer, Vice President of Marketing | Hueman COMPANIES