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Hit the Road, Jack

With college graduation only five months away, I am often asked the same question: What are you going to do after you graduate? These nine words are terrifying because like most college graduating Millennials, I have no idea. Not only that, but a Pew Research report informs that in 2013, Millennials age 25­32 faced a higher

Applying the Netflix Model Correctly

Can you remember the last time you purchased a song on iTunes? I haven’t bought a song in two years! It’s not piracy that has my heart, it’s Spotify. David Bowie once predicted that music would become as ubiquitous as running water. We’ve already seen that prediction come true for many different industries. Rather than

We Know Who’s not Looking at Your Website

You might say: “But people are looking at my site.” Correct as that may be, there’s a solid chance that you’re missing a large portion of users in some key areas of the population. With a growing interest in the way sites look on mobile devices, if you’re not giving users a truly mobile experience

Lying Your App Off

Apps. Everyone loves them. Everyone uses them. But you would be surprised at how often we lie to them. For me, it all began with My Fitness Pal, an app designed to help you achieve your weight loss or weight gain (for the crazy people out there) goals by calculating your daily personal calorie intake.

What’s next for One Spark? Organizers assess crowdfunding festival’s future

Organizers of the five-day One Spark festival that ended Sunday are assessing what happened and are trying to determine where next to take the event that drew 260,000 people downtown this year. One Spark Founder Elton Rivas, board member Michael Munz and financial supporter Peter Rummell met with the Times-Union editorial board Tuesday while ruminating

Exclusive: Jacksonville Beach ad agency rebrands to refocus on millennials

A Jacksonville Beach ad agency is rebranding to focus on Millennial-driven campaigns and strategies. Void Creative is now Adjective & Co., offering branding, web design and social media and marketing campaigns. Launched in 2010 as a partner of Void Media, a North Florida culture and lifestyle media outlet, Adjective remains a partner of Void. Cofounders

How does a Jax Beach advertising agency sell to millennials? It’s all about the adjectives.

At 33 and 34, Autumn Berrang and Taylor Harkey are the oldest people in the office at Adjective & Co. — on the oldest fringe of the Millennial generation, which the advertising agency focuses on. That allows the Adjective & Co. principals to “bridge two generations,” Berrang said, and create content that appeals to millennials but isn’t a turnoff for

Adjective & Co. offering ‘Golden Ticket’ to top One Spark creator

Adjective & Co and Void announced Friday its plan to give a $100,000 “Golden Ticket” in media, branding and marketing services during One Spark. Creators will pitch their ideas and projects during the festival, competing for the chance to access $310,000 in crowdfunds and cash — and now for the golden ticket as well. The winning