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Things just aren’t that exciting!

An in-depth examination of exclamation points in advertising & creative copywriting. So, there you are with your pinky on the Shift key and you’re thinking, “This line needs some oomph…what to do?” Then your fingers twitch up towards the (!) to add that most beloved exclamation point. Add some zing, boom! Maybe a little more

Going Back to Cali: The ADDYs Update

  Anaheim, Ca.— Tuesday night in Anaheim, California, Jacksonville Beach based ad agency, Adjective & Co., took home two of the most prestigious awards in advertising at the 2016 National American Advertising Federation Awards Show. The AAF judges sorted through 40,000+ submissions and awarded Adjective & Co. two gold ADDYs for their branding and design

Working Remotely and Creating a Routine

Working Remotely – PJs, Static Phone Calls and the Need for Routine

“We don’t want to lose you, so we would love for you to stay on the team and work remotely.” I don’t know that I have ever heard words so sweet, well, except for when I got married … those words were pretty sweet. But in the moment, these words sounded just as amazing. I

How to Build an Ad (Out of Cheap IKEA Furniture)

Unless you live in a post-WWII zombie apocalypse bunker somewhere deep in the northern region of South Dakota, you’ve probably heard of IKEA. It’s that cheap furniture store that the Swede’s randomly gifted North America back in the mid-2000s. And if you’ve visited IKEA, then you’ve bought something that required spiritually-draining assembly. We know because

We’re not ones to brag, but…

Okay, really. We don’t like to brag, but we do like to give credit where it’s due. The team at Adjective & Co. was recognized for their work from the past year by the American Advertising Federation (AAF- Jacksonville) at the 2016 ADDY Awards this past weekend. Adjective & Co. was presented with 13 ADDY

Everybody knows Everybody: Life in a Small Agency

Working at an ad agency over the last year and a half with less than 15 people, I find myself a helluva lot closer to my coworkers than I ever anticipated. And I don’t just mean during the day-to-day of photo shoots, campaign strategies and lunch outings, but also after work hangouts and weekend events

Adjective & Co: Top 10 Best Places to Work in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Business Journal Media & Marketing Jacksonville has a lot of premier companies. They come in many sizes, at many revenue levels, in many industries. But only a few are the Best Places To Work. For more than a decade, the Jacksonville Business Journal has helped identify the companies that have the more interesting workplaces,

Watts Juicery: New business looks to ‘juice’ its sales

New juice bar in Jax Beach targets the healthy living crowd Jacksonville Business Journal Media & Marketing A new business opening in Jacksonville Beach later this month will cater to health enthusiasts, as well as those who want to find out what the whole “cold-pressed juicing” buzz is all about. Watts Juicery, which opens Sept.

Thank You, Snapchat. You’re Doing the Right Thing.

I know that anytime Team Snapchat sends something to the users, it’s usually significant news, but for some reason I wasn’t in a big hurry to open this new video that came on my feed this afternoon. Now that I’ve seen it, I regret not acting sooner. Today, Snapchat updated to version 9.0.0 (iOS) with