Kingsley Spencer

Things just aren’t that exciting!

An in-depth examination of exclamation points in advertising & creative copywriting. So, there you are with your pinky on the Shift key and you’re thinking, “This line needs some oomph…what to do?” Then your fingers twitch up towards the (!) to add that most beloved exclamation point. Add some zing, boom! Maybe a little more

Going Back to Cali: The ADDYs Update

  Anaheim, Ca.— Tuesday night in Anaheim, California, Jacksonville Beach based ad agency, Adjective & Co., took home two of the most prestigious awards in advertising at the 2016 National American Advertising Federation Awards Show. The AAF judges sorted through 40,000+ submissions and awarded Adjective & Co. two gold ADDYs for their branding and design

Applying the Netflix Model Correctly

Can you remember the last time you purchased a song on iTunes? I haven’t bought a song in two years! It’s not piracy that has my heart, it’s Spotify. David Bowie once predicted that music would become as ubiquitous as running water. We’ve already seen that prediction come true for many different industries. Rather than

We Know Who’s not Looking at Your Website

You might say: “But people are looking at my site.” Correct as that may be, there’s a solid chance that you’re missing a large portion of users in some key areas of the population. With a growing interest in the way sites look on mobile devices, if you’re not giving users a truly mobile experience